Episode 91

Meaning, Addiction and Sacrifices with Andrew (Spud Fit) Taylor


March 25th, 2019

58 mins 13 secs

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About this Episode

If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, then what you want becomes your sacrifice. And, to maintain the drive, persistence and strength you need to continue making these sacrifices, it’s important to have a cause and a meaning much bigger than yourself.

Today’s guest, Andrew (Spud Fit) Taylor, became a viral sensation when the world heard the story of his personal challenge to eat only potatoes for the entire year in 2016. In late 2015, the former junior Australian Champion marathon kayaker was in the depths of despair after yet another failed attempt in a lifetime of dieting that had left him even heavier than before – 151.7kg. So, after realising that he was a food addict, he decided to tackle his food addiction with abstinance, or as close as he could get.

Andrew’s first short book, 'The D.I.Y. Spud Fit Challenge' : a how-to guide to tackling food addiction with the humble spud’ was co-authored by his wife Mandy van Zanen and has helped many people to break the shackles of food addiction.

Andrew now spends his time coaching others through food addiction through 'The Spud Fit Academy' community, speaking, making Youtube videos and interviewing groundbreakers for his own podcast. He has also just released his second book.

Andrew shares about:

  • how he first realised he had a food addiction
  • what made him choose to eat only potatoes
  • his driving force and purpose for breaking his food addiction
  • difference between food addiction and cravings
  • the power of finding a meaning bigger than yourself
  • his changes in thought processes which fight his cravings
  • if you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want is what you will sacrifice

Andrew's challenge for the week: remove one thing from your life

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