Episode 90

Change Your Self Talk To Change Your Life - Feel Good Friday


March 22nd, 2019

6 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

The most important, influential, life-changing, mood affecting conversations you will ever have, are the ones you have with your self at each moment of every day.

So then, what is your self talk like? Is a lot of your internal chatter focused on overthinking, picking out the negatives in all situations, is it judging and labelling yourself, or do you focus on what is helpful such as the positives, the lessons and your goals

You see, since your mind is most likely in constant chatter, this self talk influences and even determines your mood, your confidence, your resilience, how likely you would be to take positive risks, the way to see and engage with your family, friends and colleagues, whether you are someone who chases after your dreams and ambitions or whether you spend your time waiting and hoping that things will turn out in your favour.

Ultimately, your self talk creates the lens through which you see yourself and the world, and this lens changes everything.

After all, it’s not what happens in your life that is important, instead it's how you interpret what happens and how you respond that makes the difference.

If you want to change your life, start by changing your internal dialogue.

This Feel Good Friday will give you the tips and habits you need to improve your self talk.

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