Episode 61

Mat Rogers: Going Beyond What You Think Is Possible


November 12th, 2018

1 hr 2 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

Sometimes you have a conversation with someone who reminds you of what’s important in life, of the huge impact you can create, and that you can achieve more than what you believed was possible. My chat with today’s guest, was one of those conversations for me.

So, if you are setting out to achieve a big goal, or have a challenge in front of you, or are wanting to go beyond what you thought was possible, then this episode is for you.

I recently sat down with a sporting superstar and Australian Survivor competitor, Mat Rogers.

Few players have achieved as much as Mat has in both Rugby League and Rugby Union, setting records for the highest points scored in a match, in both league and union, as well as the most points scored in league for an entire career and for a session.

He also made it to the final 12 on this year’s Australian Survivor, and by doing so, he once again become an inspiration and role model for thousands of Aussies.

After he and his wife, Chloe Maxwell, went public in 2009 about their son with autism, they founded the charity, 4ASDkids as a way to change the lives of families with children battling with an Autism Spectrum Disorder by assisting them to access the early intervention treatment that they believe is critical to giving these kids the best chance at leading a normal life and reaching their full potential.

They also have an upcoming documentary, MaxingOut, which follows 3 celebrities on a journey to their first ever Iron Distance Triathlon. This documentary mirrors the struggle of everyday challenges dealing with a child with Autism.

This chat was incredibly inspiring for me, and I know it will be for you too.

Mat shared about:

  • What he learnt from being on Australian Survivor
  • How he developed his drive, tenacity and determination
  • What it's like being a role model
  • Living with authenticity and character, and being values driven
  • Achieving beyond what you think is possible
  • Raising a child with ASD
  • Creating the charities 4ASDKids and Maxing Out
  • The power of creating the right team and support network around you
  • If you put the right people around you, you can get through anything
  • Re-thinking masculine roles
  • What Mat has learnt from raising Max
  • The power of taking your eyes of yourself and putting it on to other people
  • Saving your best for your best

Contact Mat on facebook and instagram, https://4asdkids.gofundraise.com.au, and https://www.maxingout.tv

Mat’s challenge for the week: go all week without saying anything negative. Instead, use positive language and focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want.

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