Episode 106

Dr Jo Lukins: How To Stop Should-ing On Yourself & High Performance Habits To Help Right Now


April 20th, 2020

47 mins 57 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Given that connection is even more important right now, I thought I would reconnect with some previous guests and get their advice and best tips for navigating these times.

To start this series, I catch up with Dr Jo Lukins and discover how to stop should-ing on ourselves and how the habits of elite athletes can help us right now.

Jo spends her day inside the heads of elite athletes and organisations, such as the North Qld Cowboys and Townsville Fire, assisting them to improve their mindset and reach their potential. Since we last spoke, Jo has released her book ‘The Elite’ which reveals the 10 key secrets that elite athletes have learn to master their craft.

During this episode, Jo chats about:

  • The impact of crowds and large groups on sport
  • What Jo learnt about while writing her book / The process and learnings of writing a book
  • How using a performance mindset can help now
  • Being gentle on yourself and how to stop ‘should-ing’
  • How to keep our mojo
  • How we can enhance our physical training and wellbeing
  • Rethinking goals for 2020

You can connect with Jo on her website at www.drjolukins.com, on facebook and instagram at Dr Jo Lukins.

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