Episode 93

Your Self Awareness Determines The Success Of Your Self Improvement - Solo Round


April 1st, 2019

17 mins 54 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

If you have been wanting to make improvements in your life such as health, mindset, mental health, career, relationships, or anything else but aren’t making the gains you are hoping for, then a large part of that comes back to your self-awareness.

Without self-awareness, you end up trying to create the ideal you, but not knowing what to improve, or how to improve, why you do certain things, when you do them, the outcomes you create from certain choices, habits, decisions and behaviors. It simply won't work.

Your self-awareness determines the success of your self improvement.

During this solo round, I'll share with you the habits and strategies to help you increase you self-awareness so that you can gain greater improvements in your life and enhance your relationships and level of success.

Challenge for the week: choose one area mentioned in this episode to improve your self-awareness.

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