About this Episode

There is one thing most people neglect to do when bringing their year to a close…don’t make this same mistake.

During this time of year, we are surrounded by people reflecting on the year that was - what they achieved, the moments they are grateful for, the things that went wrong, what they would have done differently, and the list goes on. Creating time to process the past 12 months is important as it allows a much needed opportunity for celebration and learning. However, the next step is crucial and most people over look it.

In order to truly let go of all that happened this year and make room for new visions, dreams and goals for next year, you need to ritualise its closure. If you don’t, then you could continue to carry unnecessary baggage with you into the future preventing you from being fully present, optimistic and driven.

During this solo round, I’ll share with you some strategies for bringing this year to complete close to help you launch into 2019.

The journalling process I mention includes writing about what I achieved, what I’m grateful for, and my lessons from the year within these key areas:

  • Mind, body and spirit
  • Family and relationships
  • Work
  • Hobbies, play and contribution

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