Episode 67

Creating Influential And Healthy Relationships (Best of 2018)


December 24th, 2018

31 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

When your relationships are strong and healthy, you are also stronger and healthier. This is one area of my life I am constantly working on. We tend to spend so much time giving our attention and energy to everything else because we are too busy, stressed, overwhelmed or distracted, that our relationships with friends and family are often overlooked.

However, it is in these times that we need our relationships and sense of connectedness even more. With Christmas and New Years upon us, it is even more important that we invest in our connectedness given the spike in people struggling with mental health during this time of year.

Having positive relationships and feeling a sense of connection with others has been proven to help you live longer and increase your levels of happiness.

During this mash up episode, we will share some of the outcomes of building connectedness and relationships, such as: leading a full life, going beyond what you thought was possible, and increasing compassion and empathy.

The guests in this episode are (in order of appearance):

  • Dr John Barletta: Habits for Living a Good, Full Life (#42)
  • Mat Rogers: Going Beyond What You Think Is Possible (#61)
  • Dr Gary Chapman: How The Five Love Languages Will Transform Your Relationships (#35)
  • Ryan Hassan: The Strength And Power In Being Vulnerable (#23)

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