About this Episode

Do you want to become a better leader, get that promotion or leadership role, be more productive or have a greater, more positive and lasting influence on those around you, well then this is the episode for you.

We’ve spoken about the importance of having mentors, and of surrounding yourself with 5 people who build you, lift you, and help you grow … well today’s guest is one of my mentors and one of my 5.

Steve Scott is the author of the soon to be released book titled the 15 disciplines of productive leaders, he received numerous awards and commendations during his 22 year Royal Australian Air Force career, and is quickly becoming the pre-eminent source for leadership inspiration within the Australian independent schools sector. He is well known as being a leader with an innate ability to change the way people think in a single conversation.

During this chat, Steve shares about:

  • His own journey as a leader
  • Difference between good and bad leadership
  • Discipline means ‘to teach’
  • The importance of character and integrity, and doing the right thing instead of what’s easiest
  • 15 disciplines of productive leaders
  • What it means to live a truly productive life
  • How leadership is learnable
  • Steve's rocking chair test and his definition of 'Do Life Better'

Steve's challenge: when you are faced with a challenge ask yourself, “what does this situation require of me?”, not “what do I require from this situation”

To contact Steve or find out about his book, visit www.15disciplines.com.au or www.laurus.com.au

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Now, go out there and create a great day.