About this Episode

I’ve been excited about bringing you this episode for a while now, because to help celebrate the Do Life Better podcast reaching 50 episodes, I thought it would be very fitting to invite Steve Willis back again. After all, his previous episode has the most downloads of all our episodes.

If you enjoyed the last chat with Steve, you’ll love this one. He opens up and shares a lot about his experiences and personal growth from being on the Australian Survivor, Champions vs Contestants, he also takes a deep dive into fear, acceptance, vulnerability and authenticity.

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During this episode, Steve shares about:

  • Steve’s deeper purpose for being on Survivor
  • What is was like receiving gifts from his family while he was still Suvivor
  • The fear of vulnerability
  • Toxic masculinity
  • Responding instead of reacting to your emotions
  • The importance of silence and quietening the mind
  • Responding to opportunities

Steve's challenge for the week: create more space within yourself.

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