About this Episode

I’ve been looking forward to bringing you today’s episode with Dr Rick Hanson ever since we organised the interview.

As many of you know, I’m training for my very first marathon which I’ll be running the Sunday after this episode is released, and I’ve been using a lot of what Rick spoke about in my training as a way to build up my resilience, inner strength and enhance my mind game. And come race day, I will certainly be drawing on a lot of his tips and strategies, especially when the struggle begins.

I first heard of Rick a couple of years ago on the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes, and his messages have helped me create a lot more happiness, self confidence and resilience in my every day life…and I know it will help you too. In fact, our earlier episode on savouring was inspired by what I previously learnt from Rick.

In this episode, Rick will help you overcome the brain’s negativity bias, release painful thoughts and feelings, and replace them with self-compassion, hope, and inner peace. He will also show you how to turn your everyday experiences like the warmth of a friends smile or a pleasant meal, into lasting inner strengths which become hardwired into your brain, such as resilience, balance and positive emotions.

Rick and I chat about:

  • Savouring and gaining as much as possible from experiences of every day
  • Building psychological muscles to influence who you are becoming
  • How to create positive internal change by changing the brain in half a minute or less
  • How negatives stick like velcro and positives slides of like Teflon
  • How to counteract the negativity bias
  • Resting in a sense of your own self worth, confidence and capability
  • Gratitude makes you stronger
  • The importance of looking for beneficial experiences
  • Three keys ways to build resilience
  • Rick’s daily routine and habits
  • Why it’s important to move through life like a sticky net
  • Rick’s personal practice for a rapid release of anger

Rick’s challenge for the week: take in one good thing every day and do it deliberately.

You can contact Dr Rick Hanson at www.rickhanson.net

For information on Rick’s books, visit https://www.rickhanson.net/rick-hanson/

Rick will be in Melbourne, Australia in July, 2018, for Open Ground - http://www.openground.com.au/rick-hanson-australian-tour

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