About this Episode

What was your response the last time someone asked you, “How are you?”. The words you used influenced you and the person you were speaking with, and it could have given a powerful insight into your mindset, attitude and mental state.

Words are more than just words, they create your reality. After all, the way you interpret the world around you is through your internal dialogue.

Each and every encounter you have with someone is an opportunity to leave them feeling better for spending time with you. The words you use play a large role in creating this positive influence.

In this short solo round, I’ll dive into the power of your words and the importance of choosing your words wisely so they uplift and empower you and those around you.

The challenge for the week: remove “not bad”, “can’t complain” and other negative responses from your vocabulary and replace them with more positive responses. See how this effects those you speak with and your own mental state.

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