About this Episode

What does a good, full life look like to you?

There are specific things you can do to create this a reality.

In this episode Dr John Barletta and I chat about the following:

  • We can deliberately create and embrace opportunities so we can have a good, full life.
  • Flourish by using PERMA(H):
    • Positive emotions: deliberately find activities that provide positive emotions
    • Engagement: find a space where you can get in the zone to experience flow
    • Relationships: positive connections with other people
    • Meaning: the deeper purpose and goal behind why do I do the things that I do in my life?
    • sense of Accomplishment or Achievement: move forward with endeavours big and small to gain a sense of mastering in your life
    • Health: what I am doing to look after my mind and body, such as exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness
  • Relationships are critical for flourishing

The challenge: take the VIA strengths survey online at https://www.viacharacter.org/www/, find out your top 5 strengths and think about how you use them, or could use them, to fulfil your goals in your life.

Dr John Barletta is a Counselling and Clinical Psychologist in Brisbane who promotes healthy living via integrated positive psychology principles. His expertise includes therapy, workshops, keynotes, medico-legal and psychological assessments, corporate consulting, executive coaching, mediation, and clinical supervision.

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Now, go out and create a great day.