About this Episode

What’s your dream goal? Have you started working towards making it a reality, or is it still only in the dream stage because it seems too difficult?

Last weekend, I turned one of my long-term dreams into a reality by finishing my first marathon. The training and race day were perfect opportunities for me to use many of the strategies we’ve shared on this podcast and to test them out in a fairly extreme situation, well extreme for me anyway!

Maybe your dream isn’t to run a marathon, instead it might be to get a promotion, start a business, get that job, be accepted into your degree or something else. You have what it takes to do hard things by turning those dreams into goals and then into reality. You just need to take the right steps - physically and mentally.

Here are the techniques I used that will also help you achieve your big goal:

  • Necessity
  • Visualisation
  • Feed the good
  • Real, positive self talk
  • Celebrate the wins
  • Back yourself

This week’s challenge: choose one of the above areas to work on this week so that you can keep moving closer to achieving your goal.

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Now, go out and create a great day.