About this Episode

What creates your greatest, most powerful sense of drive and determination? And, what provides you with your strongest sense of purpose and hope?

Today’s guest is a truly inspiring example of incredible strength, drive and passion for making a positive impact.

Reid Anderton is a record holder for solo cycling around Australia and is now attempting to break the Guinness World Record for cycling across Canada.

Reid shares about:

  • His Guinness World Records attempt
  • How the death of his brother, Steve, inspired him to create something purposeful and challenging
  • His charity work with disadvantaged children
  • How his sense of purpose created his drive and determination during his record breaking solo ride around Australia
  • Creating purpose and positive impact from tragedy
  • Reid’s one message for disadvantaged children

To follow Reid’s epic ride across Canada, visit www.canadachallenge.org.au. To support Reid’s charity, Eagles Wings, visit www.we.org.au

Reid’s challenge: Don’t be stuck in something boring, go and find something that inspires you and gives you purpose.

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Now, go out and create a great day.