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I know how easy it is to tell yourself stories that hold you back and negatively alter the way you view the world around you. These stories, often created by self-doubt and ego, become our identity. It’s not until we let go of this unhelpful ways of thinking, that we are truly able to be present, live life to it’s fullest and create deep self-worth and inner peace.

Today’s guest knows what it’s like to be blocked by these stories as well as the strength and balance you can gain by overcoming them and mastering your mind.

Steve Willis, also known as Commando Steve from his time as a trainer on The Biggest Loser, shares openly about his struggles, proudest moments and lessons from across his varied experiences.

Before becoming a personal trainer, Steve joined the army to gain an apprenticeship and work as a tradesman in the military. Driven by a need to be accepted and respected by his peers, he moved into the school of infantry and eventually joined Special Forces.

After leaving the Special Forces he auditioned for the Biggest Loser which helped lead to him finding his calling.

This chat with Steve will help you overcome unhelpful habits such as self-doubt, the imposter syndrome, craving appreciation of others and the use of negative stories. To do this, he shares with you ways to create even more strength and balance by mastering your mind.

Some questions and topics Steve and I talk about are below:-

What was Commando Steve’s first dream job?

Steve and I talk about his drive at the start of his military career.

Steve talks about how the ego can be a roadblock. We can often tell ourselves stories. When we use the same stories long enough, we identify and attach to those stories, using them as a lens that we see the world through.

To have a fullness of life we need to have balance and polarity with everything we do. We need to have time to be present and aware, amongst the stress and anxiety of anything we face.

How did you make the jump from being a member of Special Forces to The Biggest Loser?

Steve’s strategy for overcoming negative internal dialogue.

Steve talks about his final season of The Biggest Loser and how his experience with the Auvales family affected him.

Commando Steve recommends these books to get started!

Resilience - Eric Greitens

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle

Books by Thich Nhat Hanh

Rapid fire questions from the listeners:

Matt - What is your morning routine?

Ted - What are your daily non-negotiables?

Lobenzo - What was it like going from a secretive commando to being in the public eye?

Rob - What is your biggest sacrifice and/or what keeps you motivated?

Mel - How do you create work, life, family and training balance?

Steve answers the rocking chair test.

What does Do Life Better mean to Steve?

Respect for yourself and what it means to be human. Firstly, in your thoughts, and the way you perceive yourself which will give positive emotions. Secondly nutrition, so eating as healthy as possible but also not to deny yourself the tasty things. Thirdly exercise and your body and wellbeing.

Steve’s challenge for the week:

Create some ‘Ma’ which is the Japanese word for space.

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