Episode 27

Why You Should Talk To Yourself In The Third Person and The Power Of Can - Solo Round


March 19th, 2018

12 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

The most important conversations you will ever have are the ones you have with yourself.

Your internal dialogue shapes the way you perceive and interpret the world around you which then determines the actions you take and the outcomes you produce.

For this quick solo round, I dive into two areas of self talk and the small changes you can make to create powerfully positive results.

If you are feeling stressed, nervous or anxious, rather than saying “I am stressed” try talking to yourself in the third person by saying, for example, “Dave, what you are feeling is stress.”

The more times you say “I am stressed”, the more you associate yourself with that negative emotion, and the stronger it becomes. Instead, when you address it from the third person it distances yourself from the negative emotions.

You can also speak to yourself in the third person to help create more positivity in your day.

Another thought process I’ve been working on iis replacing “I can’t” with “How can I?” When you say “I can’t”, you are really saying “I don't want too.” This is fixed mindset thinking and shuts down other possible outcomes.

The way we can change this to a growth mindset is by saying “How can I?” Allowing yourself to have a growth mindset encourages your brain to move forward and see new opportunities.

The challenge for the week is to firstly speak to yourself in the third person when you feel negative emotions and secondly avoid thinking, “I can’t” by replacing it with,“How can I?”

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