Episode 26

Confidence, Influence and Deeper Connections with Dr Louise Mahler


March 12th, 2018

59 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Ever wonder why some people are easier to listen to than others, or why one person’s ideas are heard more often than everyone else’s. Or, maybe someone finds its easy to create trust and persuade others, but you’re not sure why?

Well, there’s a very good reason and it’s much more than just your words. The way you use your voice and body language changes everything. In fact, using your voice and body language well significantly increases confidence, attracts and maintains attention, builds deeper connections and enables you to be much more persuasive.

In this weeks episode I speak with Dr Louise Mahler who is a leading expert in voice, body language and presentation skills.

Louise believes that our posture and voice are indicators of our health and mental state, and that the way you use your voices is an indicator of life and who you are as a person. Each person has a different type of voice and that emotionally effects people in different ways.

Louise and I talk about the ways you can gain greater positive influence, increased confidence and build deeper connections all through the use of your voice and body language.

Some topics Dr Mahler and I talk about include:

  • The power of voice in singing.

  • Louise’s experience of singing Opera in Vienna.

  • When did you link your background in performing into training and helping other people in a corporate environment?

  • Why is it that some people naturally attract attention from others whilst others struggle to do so?

  • What difference can we create by changing our body language and our voice?

  • Should we change our voice and body language styles depending on the group we are talking to?

  • The key to effective eye contact.

  • What are some other tips to help your presenting?

  • How do you use your body and your voice to diffuse tension and conflict?

  • What does “Do Life Better” mean for you?

Dr Mahler’s challenge for the week is:

“Watch yourself and watch where your hands go. Find your repetitive gesture and experiment with something different”

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