Episode 29

Happiness Habits - Solo Round


April 2nd, 2018

15 mins 35 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the quote, “Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life”.

Sometimes, it can seem that happiness is an elusive, magical state of being that only some people can achieve. However, anyone can achieve a deeper, more consistent state of happiness. There is so much research identifying the specific things anyone can do to significantly increase their happiness.

In this short solo round, I’ll share with you a number of proven strategies for increasing your happiness.

Here the strategies I share:

  • Attention and being fully present increases happiness

  • When you think about the past of future, what do you focus on? Focusing on the positive moments can boost happiness.

  • Practice gratitude in the morning and at night

  • Exercise is a key factor in reducing stress and building other areas such as self-esteem, confidence and positivity

  • Sleep 7.5 - 8.5 hours each night to help with emotional regulation and your mood

  • Nutrition - stay away from too much sugar and caffeine, and instead eat whole, real foods with lots of protein, good fibre and healthy fats

  • Spend time with positive people and improve difficult relationships

  • Listen to good music

  • Balance of time in and time out:

    • switch off and have time on your own
    • connect with nature, read a good book, spend time in prayer, journal, meditate,
    • connect with your deeper self, your spirituality
  • Create a balance for a healthy mind, body and spirit

Challenge for the week: choose one key area to work on this week.

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Now, go out and create a great day.