Episode 30

How To Create Your Breakthrough with Dr Marco Makari


April 9th, 2018

38 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

Have you ever found your self working incredibly hard, but not getting the breakthrough or results that you want and deserve? Have you ever been wanting that next promotion, higher mark or to make the sports team of your dream? Even if you know you have the skills and talent to make it, have you found that you never seem to get there? Todays guest can help you take that next step.

Dr. Marco Makari was a semi elite sportsman who wanted to play for the team of his dreams, but fell just short of creating that breakthrough into making it onto a professional team. Since then he has turned his passion of sports and first hand experience of just missing out, into a thriving business that helps other athletes realise their dreams.

Sometimes when you are too focused on where you want to end up, you forget where you are now in the present. It is much easier to plan your future goals when you know where you currently are. Once you recognise where you are, you can take steps and change habits to make the journey easier.

Today’s chat with Marco will give you the steps you needs to create your breakthroughs.

Here are some points that Marco and I talk about:

4:00 - Marco talks about his early obsession with sporting and his analogy using the rooster, turkey and eagle.

8:30 - Marco talks about the hard reality about potential goals, when starting to make the jump.

12:00 - What holds some potential elite athletes back, why do some people just not make it?

17:00 - After recognising where you are now and where you want to end up, what can you do to help you on that journey? What do you need to do as an athlete? What sort of mentors do you need? What sort of diet? And what does your body need to achieve to get there?

23:00 - One of Marco’s proudest moments.

25:00 - Do you think that there is a roll on effect, that these lessons don't just affect their sporting abilities it affects all aspects of their lives?

31:00 - Dedicate one hour where you can sit by your self free of distractions, just write down three pages, where you are, where you want to go and the plan.

32:00 What does Do Life Better mean for Marco?

34:00 - Marco’s challenge for the week - Take the long cut and do the hard yards.
“Take the long cut. A lot of people look for short cuts, but when you're someone who wants to get more out of life, having that integrity to take the long way when no-one else is watching, doing it the hard way, the way its meant to be done. Sometimes its about giving more than you will receive.”

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