Episode 85

Being Open To Everything And Affected By Nothing (Part 2) with Matt Griggs


March 4th, 2019

35 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

This is the second half of the conversation with Matt Griggs and we pick it up just after Matt spoke about the extra clarity, awareness, presence and openness that comes from practicing Kelee meditation. And, how all this leads to reducing your fear which means that you are far more open to taking on positive risks, trying new things and backing yourself making growth and development far more exponential.

Matt shares:

  • the outcomes of practicing Kelee meditation
  • the power of becoming more consciously aware
  • what it’s like to eliminate brain chatter
  • how to detach from the disfunction of the mind
  • 80% of your performance and health goes up and down with your state of mind
  • his daily routines
  • Matt’s breathing technique

Please note: if you wish to try the beathing technique Matt discussed, make sure to do it somewhere safe with other people around. Do not attempt it while driving or in a pool.

Matt's challenge for the wee: get started with Kelee meditation.

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