Episode 81

Crappy To Happy In 12.5 mins with Cass Dunn


February 18th, 2019

1 hr 12 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

If you could make significant changes to key areas of your life by doing one simple thing for 12.5 mins per day, would you do it? It turns out, that by doing just 12.5 mins of mindfulness each day you will noticeably improve in areas such as your health, happiness, wellbeing, relationships and self compassion.

Mindfulness is a practise that is thousands of years old, but in recent times has become more popular in the health and wellness sector.

Today’s guest, Cass Dunn, is a clinical and coaching psychologist. After graduating with a Masters of Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, Cass became a successful life coach but felt that her psychology journey was not yet done and enrolled in Masters of Clinical Psychology.

Now, Cass is a mindfulness meditation teacher and the resident psychologist at tiffxo.com, which is an online health and fitness program. She is also the host of the wildly popular Crappy to Happy podcast, that has over 3million downloads, and author of the Crappy to Happy books.

During our chat, Cass decided to very generously offer a $50 discount off her upcoming online mindfulness course, and I highly recommend you sign up. Go to www.cassdunn.com/courses-events and sign up for the Mindfulness For Busy People 8 week online course. Make sure you enter the coupon code “dolifebetter” (make sure it is in lower case) to receive your $50 off. Again, make sure you do this, because as you will see in our chat, this course could be a complete game changer for you in terms of your self compassion, your abilities to handle and process stress, anxiety, anger, and the whole range of emotions, which we all help you live your life event better.

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Mindfulness is an activity I practice everyday and I had an absolute blast chatting with Cass. During our chat, she dives into:

  • The definition of mindfulness and what it is and is not in contemporary society
  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation.
  • The benefits, positive affects and outcomes of practicing mindfulness regularly
  • Mindfulness techniques and how to clam your mind
  • The optimal amount of time to practice mindfulness each day
  • How to calm your mind in more creative ways

Cass’s challenge for the week: Find a mindful practice for this week.

To sign up for Cass's_ Mindfuless for Busy People_ 8 week course, visit this website - https://cassdunn.lpages.co/mindfulness-online/ and use the coupon code, "dolifebetter" to receive your $50 off. Please note, the course begins on 25 February, 2019.

To pre-order Cass's new book, Crappy To Happy, use this link - www.smarturl.it/crappytohappy

You can contact Cass Dunn at:
Website: https://cassdunn.com/
Instagram: @cassdunn_xo
Facebook: Cass Dunn
Linkedin: https://au.linkedin.com/in/cassdunn

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