Episode 4

Is it a stress or a challenge? Your answer changes everything.


November 2nd, 2017

14 mins 31 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

When you call a difficult moment a stress, your brain’s capacity to think clearly, creatively and positively is dramatically decreased. Therefore, when you are stressed, your performance suffers. For example, the emails or assignments you are trying to write wouldn’t be to your highest standards.

Instead, if you call that same moment a challenge, your brain steps up to the task. Chemicals are released into your brain and body which help you perform better. You think more clearly, you are more focused, positive and creative.

Next time you feel stressed, remind yourself that it is a challenge, not a stress. Set yourself some fun, challenging, rewarding goals to help you perform better. For example, instead of being stressed about doing house work, put on your favourite music and see how much cleaning you can get done before the songs end. Or, instead of stressing about having to reply to 10 emails during a 10 minute break, challenge yourself to do only five now and to make them as positive and clear as possible.

The words you tell yourself make a big difference. Choose well.

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