Episode 25

Create A Survivor's Mindset with Dr John Barletta


March 5th, 2018

31 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

I started gaining so much more power and control over my life and outcomes when I began thinking and acting like a survivor, not a victim.

I don’t know about you, but when things used to go wrong or didn’t work out how I expected, I’d always look for something or someone else to blame. If I’m honest, I still catch myself doing it now from time to time.

It can be so easy and tempting to protect yourself by blaming other people or external factors, but when you do that you lose all your power. As you’ll discover in this episode, the key is to look within and change your thinking.

Dr John Barletta joins me again to share about victim mentality and how to avoid being a victim to the happenings and events around you.

We discuss having to take responsibility for your actions and outcomes and how the thoughts you believe define who you are. Many times you can roll over and play the victim by shifting blame to others, such as teachers, bosses or just the world around you. When this happens, you can become very tunnel visioned. However, the thought process of going from powerless to powerful can be something so small it is often overlooked. And, you’ll find out how you can regain your power in this episode.

Some main points Dr John Barletta and I talk about are:

  • What a victim mentality looks and sounds like.

  • Changing our mentality from victim to survivor.

  • How shifting from victim to survivor can open up many new and exciting pathways.

  • When we find ourselves in a victim mentality, how can we help change that mentality?

  • How can we help someone else who is in a victim mentality?

  • Dr Barletta shares his challenge for the week:

Over the next week be mindful of the times when you

1: blame yourself and are stuck, or
2: blame other people or even saying the world is too tough.”

When you find yourself having negative self thoughts, check in with reality and then what can you do next? Even check in with other people who can help you move forward.

Dr John Barletta is a Counselling and Clinical Psychologist in Brisbane who promotes healthy living via integrated positive psychology principles. His expertise includes therapy, workshops, keynotes, medico-legal and psychological assessments, corporate consulting, executive coaching, mediation, and clinical supervision.

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