Episode 24

Elina Winnel: Habits For Creating A Better Night's Sleep


February 26th, 2018

38 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

How you start your morning can determine how you approach everything else during your day. It can be the difference between feeling fully alive, present and motivated or being sluggish, foggy and irritable.

In fact, what happens before your morning routine also creates a major difference. The quality and quantity of your sleep has a large impact on many key areas of mental health, wellbeing and productivity.

When we wake up feeling tired, fuzzy and un-motivated, your whole day is affected. However, the good news is that there are things that you can do to help get a better night’s sleep and wake up at your best each morning.

In this episode of the Do Life Better podcast I speak to Elina Winnel. After having her own battles with insomnia and being unsatisfied with the treatments given to her, Elina decided to dedicate her life to curing her sleep problems and ultimately her life. She is a world renowned sleep expert and has shared her wisdom on many talk shows and in major magazines.

Some major topics Elina and I talk about are below:

(3:40) Is it possible to give our best with small amounts of sleep?

(6:25) How the lack of sleep can effect our mood and even our mental health.

(11:20) Elina talks about her chronic insomnia.

(12:25) What is leading to the loss of quality and quantity of sleep?

(17:30) How can we improve our relaxation and quality of sleep?

(22:00) How “Blue light” effects our sleep.

(25:00) How much sleep do we need on average to be fully functional?

(27:20) Some of the myths that affect our sleep debunked!

(33:10) What does the idea of “Do Life Better” mean to Elina?

Elina’s challenge: be aware of what is happening inside your body and in your mind so that you can start to have a better understanding of what is going on in your nervous system. Her advice is to check in with your body 5 times a day to see what is happening with your breathing, muscle tension and posture. And, be aware of thoughts you are taking to bed

Elina’s website is - http://mysleepcoach.com.au

Apple Mac app for blocking out blue light - F.lux

You can get into contact with Elina at these websites below.

Website - http://thesleepexpert.com

Email - elina@thesleepexpert.com

Phone Number - +61 1300 830 640

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