Episode 108

Matt Griggs: How To Stop Reacting & Survival Of The Wisest


May 4th, 2020

53 mins 25 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

One of the main areas of my life I’ve been working on lately is who I am being on the inside. After all, what’s happening on the inside shapes and colours everything that’s happening on the outside. And, in some situations, the only thing we can control or change is who we are being internally.

Today’s guest, Matt Griggs, has been one of the biggest inspirations in my pursuit of gaining a higher level of presence and wisdom as well as the ability to be a considered response instead of an emotion fuelled reaction.

Matt is a high performance coach, hailing from Sydney. A former professional surfer himself, Matt has coached world champions, Australasian champions, published 2 best-sellers, coached and lectured on performance to many leading executive groups world-wide. Matt is at the forefront of performance coaching, having worked with Mick Fanning (2007/09 World Surfing Champion), Stephanie Gilmore (current and 4 x Women’s World Surfing Champion), Owen Wright (current World Tour surfer), first grade NRL players and many other elite athletes.

Matt also teaches a unique meditation (Kelee) that helps people detach from disharmonious thoughts and emotions, so they may distill their natural ability to its purist point.

During this chat, Matt shares about:

  • how our emotions are infectious
  • being open to everything effected by nothing
  • does he still react to other people and the environment?
  • becoming consciously aware
  • the importance of wisdom
  • survival of the wisest
  • how Kelee meditation can help now - how to stop looping through unhelpful processes
  • how to detach from and lose emotional buttons
  • why we seek outside comfort and what to do instead
  • why we need to give up control

You can connect with Matt on instagram @mattgriggs and facebook at Matt Griggs coaching. His website is www.mattgriggs.com.au. Make sure to sign up to his newsletter for some inspiration and thoughts on how you can make life better.

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