Episode 99

Achieving Beyond Your Current Situation with Michael Puhle


April 23rd, 2019

46 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

What do you desire the most in life? For most of us, this can be a difficult question to answer. But, it's in seeking this desire that you can find your truest self, and in doing so, reach well beyond your current situation.

Today's guest is Michael Puhle, his mission is to inspire the globe to be more ambitious and as a result, more fulfilled. He will share with you how you can achieve beyond your current situation.

Michael's career path had the eternal battle of ‘following others opinions vs. finding his own way’ causing four career changes before the age of thirty. It was while being an admitted solicitor in NSW that Michael found his love and skill for advocacy, persuasion and emotive speech. Then as you’ll hear, tragedy struck his family in 2011 and Michael was compelled to change tack.

Michael believes the right words, delivered in the right way, by the right source can change your life; and it’s his mission to inspire the world through executive coaching to his online program - the Eight Week Life Hack; speaking on a range of topics; as well as hosting his Words With Oz - The Essay Question Podcast.

During this chat, we do briefly discuss suicide, so if you are effected in any way, please call lifeline’s national 24/7 counselling service on 13 11 14. And, for our listeners outside of Australia please contact your local crisis centre or your family doctor.

Michael shares:

  • Moving from a focus of profit to purpose
  • How to inspire someone beyond their current situation
  • The importance of your core values
  • Acting in line with that which you desire
  • Achieving audacious goals

Michael's challenge for the week is to answer the following questions each night before bed:

  • What are your 2 happy moments from today
  • "I am happiest when ..."
  • "It's more important for me to ... than to ..."
  • "In 10 years time, I see myself ..."
  • "Today I was passionate about ..."

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