Episode 97

Smarter, Sharper Thinking (Part 2) with Dr Jenny Brockis


April 15th, 2019

27 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

In this half of the chat with Dr Jenny Brockis, she dives into the other two key areas of creating smarter, sharper thinking to help you live and operate at your peak every day.

Make sure you've listened to the first half of the interview (episode #95) already to give the background to the tips and strategies you'll hear in this episode.

Jenny talks about:

  • healthy stress
  • optimising focus
  • how your smarter, sharper thinking can help others
  • the importance of trust and authenticity
  • the power of curiosity
  • the impact of a good night sleep

Jenny’s challenge for the week: be more physically active (at least 10mins a day), go to bed 20mins earlier than normal for 21 days and see what difference that makes to your mood and thinking skills, and choose to switch off from your digital technology for 20mins a day.

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