Episode 83

Being Open To Everything And Affected By Nothing (Part 1) with Matt Griggs


February 25th, 2019

52 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

Imagine the level of self belief and confidence you could create if you weren’t affected by the negativity of others and if you weren’t inhibited by your own fears. Attaining this degree of detachment and clarity of mind would enable you to notice much more around you and help you live a life with far greater freedom to be your truest self and take on your biggest dreams.

Today’s guest, Matt Griggs, is a true example of what it means to be open to everything and affected by nothing.

Matt is a high performance coach, hailing from Sydney. A former professional surfer himself, Matt has coached, world champions, Australasian champions, published 2 best-sellers, coached and lectured on performance to many leading executive groups world-wide. Matt is at the forefront of performance coaching, having worked with Mick Fanning (2007/09 World Surfing Champion), Stephanie Gilmore (current and 4 x Women’s World Surfing Champion), Owen Wright (current World Tour surfer), first grade NRL players and many other elite athletes.

Matt also teaches a unique meditation (Kelee) that helps people detach from disharmonious thoughts and emotions, so they may distill their natural ability to its purist point. Matt has a 360-degree view of performance and brings his deeper understanding of health, happiness and high performance to everyone from professional athletes to businessman.

I’ve decided to split this chat over two episodes because we went on for a while! I found his experience on the world stage for surfing as a competitor and coach incredibly intriguing, and then his understanding of the mind blew me away - especially when it comes to the meditation technique he uses, Kelee Meditation.

In this first part of the interview Matt shares:

  • The ups and downs of winning and losing
  • Matt’s transition from a pro surfer to a coaching Mick Fanning
  • His wholistic approach to coaching
  • His proudest moment as a coach
  • Being open to everything and affected by nothing
  • The importance of detachment
  • He starts diving into Kelee meditation - which again, blows my mind.

The app Matt mentions is Kelee Meditation.

The book is Troubleshooting the Mind by Ron W. Rathburn.

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