Episode 46

The Most Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself with Paul Angone


July 30th, 2018

47 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

I wish I spoke with today’s guest, Paul Angone, way back when I was in my early 20s or even before then. However, his wisdom and insights are just as relevant and impactful for me today.

His messages help to provide so much clarity in discovering your unique offering, your purpose and your deepest values. He also talks about how to embrace the struggle and work through your fears, and much, much more.

In today's episode, Paul shares about the importance of transitions in life, pivotal plot points in your story, soul values and the questions we should all ask ourselves.

Some of the main topics are:

  • The importance of transitions in your life
  • The need to continually find your new normal
  • Use your soul values to help guide your decisions and actions
  • Why you should listen to the details of your day
  • The pivotal plot points of your story
  • Embarrassment and greatness live in the same space
  • Obsessive comparison disorder
  • What is fear holding you back from, and is it worth it?
  • Support, strength and unity can come from sharing the struggle
  • The 3 main questions Paul would encourage everyone to ask themselves.

Paul’s meaning for ‘Do Life Better’: truth, hope and hilarity.

Paul’s challenge for the week: figure out and rank your 5 top soul values. To help with this, ask the three closest people to you where they see you come alive the most.

Contact Paul Angone at www.allgroanup.com, or paul@allgroanup.com, and @paulagone at instagram, facebook and twitter.

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Now, go out and create a great day.