Episode 12

Ep. 12 - How One Small Action Can Create Massive Impact


November 30th, 2017

15 mins 3 secs

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About this Episode

On today's podcast, we're joined by one of our team, Rhiannon. Recently, Rhiannon was preparing for an exam at a cafe at uni, when she noticed there was a girl at the counter who seemed quite anxious. It turned out the girl was shortchanged and empathising with the stress that this girl could have been feeling (remember, it's exam time) Rhiannon stepped up to help her out.

Maybe for this girl, it became more than the coffee. Maybe it created extra positivity for her, that flowed into her exam and maybe even further. Maybe she was able to share positivity with family and friends when she got home later that day. Maybe even everyone who saw Rhiannon help out became inspired to think about the positivity they could also create.

Even by doing the smallest acts of kindness, we have the power to change someone's day. Maybe it could be towards a stranger, like in Rhiannon's story, or it could be a random act of kindness for a friend or family member or loved one.

Of course, we come away feeling good about the positivity we've shared. More than just getting the "warm and fuzzies", random acts of kindness can help us grow. Doing positive things for others:

  • helps our self-esteem grow
  • builds confidence and
  • creates a deeper sense of happiness

Doing one random act of kindness helps us grow in courage and bravery. Maybe you have had the situation where you've seen someone needing help and you've asked yourself, "Do I or don't I?" Stepping up in that one moment will give you the courage and the bravery to do it again. And, by doing it once, you'll be able to find more opportunities to help and serve others.

For the person receiving the random act of kindness, maybe they get to feel better too? Maybe they come away feeling validated, valued and acknowledged. Often, we don't know everything that's going on in someone's life and this one simple kind act could be the thing that turns their day around.

Even research has found that if you do a favour for someone, you're likeability increases for that person you do the favour for. You would think that being asked to do things by someone else would create a negative view of them, but we actually like people more when we do things for them.

Obviously, we don't just do random acts of kindness just for ourselves - but there are a lot of positive outcomes we get from them too, which makes doing random acts of kindness even more important!

Challenge for this week: look for opportunities to do a random act of kindness for someone else - and if that opportunity that doesn't come up, do something for a family member, friend or loved one.

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