Episode 112

Dr Justin Coulson: Building Resilience (Part 2)


June 1st, 2020

33 mins 22 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Today’s episode is the second half of the chat with Dr Justin Coulson. You might remember we just finished talking about the importance of sharing family stories, and now we dive deeper into the ways you can build your own resilience and that of your children, students or other young people. Make sure you stick around for the story Justin shares at the end of this episode, it's one of the most inspirational real-life examples of resilience that I have heard for a long time.

Dr Justin Coulson of Happy Families has many journal articles and scholarly book chapters, as well as several books and ebooks about parenting, including the 21 Days to a Happier Family (Harper Collins, 2016) and 9 Ways to a Resilient Child (Harper Collins, 2017).

Justin is also a highly sought-after international speaker delivering keynote speeches and workshops to boost wellbeing and improve relationships for parents, teachers, students and employees and students.

He has worked with The Commonwealth Bank, American Express, the Office of the Children's E-safety Commissioner, The Federal Government's Department of Social Services, Life Education, and hundreds of schools.

Justin is an Honorary Fellow at the Centre for Positive Psychology in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. He is a consultant to the Federal Government's Office of the Children's e-Safety Commissioner, and has acted (and continues to act) in an advisory capacity to well-known organisations including Beyond Blue, the Raising Children Network, Life Education, Intel Security, and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

In addition, Justin is consistently sought after by the media for his expertise. He writes a weekly advice column for Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, appears regularly on The Project, the TODAY Show, Studio 10, Mornings and several radio stations around the nation. He is also the parenting expert at kidspot.com.au, Australia’s number one parenting website.

During this chat, Justin shares:

  • the importance of Psychological flexibility and how to develop it
  • why what you resist persists and what to do instead
  • an inspiring story of the incredible power of resilience that had both of us choking up

As a heads up, you will notice a background noise while Justin is talking and it sounds like static, it is actually the rain outside his window … it was absolutely bucketing down when we did the recording. Given all the good stuff he talks about during this chat, I’m sure you won’t even notice it after a while.

You can connect with Dr. Justin Coulson at www.happyfamilies.com.au and on instagram @ drjustincoulson.

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