Episode 110

Stephen Scott: Courageous Leadership & Delivering On Meaningful Purpose


May 18th, 2020

49 mins 26 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

If you are a leader, want to be a leader, are led by someone else, or want to make a difference for others, then this episode is for you.

Given that effective leadership is so important during difficult times, I invited a very popular previous guest, Stephen Scott, to gain his tips and strategies for leading well in this climate.

Stephen Scott is the author of the 15 disciplines of productive leaders, he received numerous awards and commendations during his 22 year Royal Australian Air Force career, and is quickly becoming the pre-eminent source for leadership inspiration within the Australian independent schools sector. He is well known as being a leader with an innate ability to change the way people think in a single conversation.

During this chat, Steve explores:
how to respond and not react
the importance acting in line with what this situation requires of you
how to lead during challenging times like COVID-19
leading with courage and humility
why communication and connection is even more important now
creating a focus of delivering on your meaningful purpose
the balance between productivity and mental health
keeping the end in mind

You can contact Steve at https://the15disciplines.com.au and on LinkedIn at Stephen Scott.

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