About this Episode

What if this moment right now is the most important moment of your day? After all, this is the only moment you can change, is full potential and has countless options, if you choose to see it and grasp it. This moment right now is so important because you can also use it to determine how you show up for what ever is coming next - if you stay in a stressed state, you will show up even more stressed. However, if you go into a state of bliss, peace, calm and gratitude, you will carry that with you into where ever you are going next

During this episode, I share with you some habits for making the most of each moment and increasing your presence. I also take you through a quick exercise for helping you to become truly present and grateful especially during times of worry, stress and anxiety.

The challenge for this week: find 10 minutes each morning to go through this exercise. Bonus - create moments through your day for a quick check-in to become more present.

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Now, go out and create a great day.