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A number of years ago, I created my morning routine and it changed me. The way you start your morning influences everything that happens that day. Or at least, the way you interpret the events during your day and what you do next, which ultimately leads to your outcomes.

It can be the difference between you being sluggish, unmotivated, unproductive, foggy and reacting to everything that happens, or it could enable you to be switched on, focused, positive, motivated, highly productive, present, intentional and help you respond positively to all that comes up in a way that is in line with your values.

Which would you rather be, day in day out.

I think most of us spend more time getting ourselves dressed and looking good than we do on actually getting ourselves ready internally. When you are at your best on the inside, it radiates through all you do on the outside.

I believe that we need to get ourselves ready in the morning from the inside out.

Instead of just getting up, showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast and going out the door, give yourself time to get ready on the inside first so that you can own your day and create a great day everyday.

The majority of high performers in all fields claim that their morning routine is a key to their success. Change your morning, change your life.

In this solo round, I’ll share with you the elements of morning routines used by many of the world’s highest performers.

So, what does a good morning routine look like.

  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Journal
  • Gratitude
  • Intention for the day
  • Feed your mind
  • Nutrition

Experiment with all of these to see which ones work the best for you.

Challenge for the week: create your morning routine and commit to it for 3 weeks.

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