About this Episode

Last week I released that I was out of balance in terms of how I was feeding my mind.

I was spending a lot of extra time in mindfulness while running and driving, which meant that I wasn’t listening to podcasts or audiobooks. Because of this, I noticed that I wasn’t as driven and motivated to grow my business as much as I had been before … the balance of what I was feeding my mind was off.

I’d become more present, but I had stopped learning and being inspired by the podcasts.

This reminded me of the incredible power of your thoughts. After all, where you attention goes, your energy flows. When you give your focus to something, that shapes and guides your thoughts and ultimately, your behaviours. Because, your thoughts create your decisions, your decisions create your actions and behaviours, your actions and behaviours create your outcomes

So, change your thoughts, and you will change your outcomes.

What can you do for your mind?

  • Be a curious learner: read, listen to podcasts and audiobooks that help you learn.

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Gratitude and savouring

  • Tune out from negativity and tune into positivity

Today’s challenge: focus on one of the 4 areas of feeding your mind.

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Now, go out and create a great day.