Episode 21

How To Push Through Fear And Overcome Challenges with Richard Bowles (aka Forrest Gump Meets Bear Grylls)


February 5th, 2018

47 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

When I first came into contact with Richard Bowles, I was in awe of his many accomplishments, especially his 5 world records in endurance adventuring. As a passionate runner my self, my regular running are mere jogs in comparison to Richard’s distances of up to a two marathons a day and sometimes even more! Not only does Richard conquer large distances, he also has to deal with extreme conditions such as war zones, volcanic eruptions and many more!

Richard is a big believer that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. His message is to strive to be the best version of yourself and chase the feelings you want to feel inside. Richard makes many plans to overcome his challenges before they happen and creates many “If Then” plans. With these “If Then” plans in place, Richard finds he can think more clearly and navigate the challenges he may face.

Here are some of the main questions I ask Richard in this episode:-

(3.45) When did you first have the feeling to chase your burning desire to run these huge distances?

(6.40) How do you go backing up a marathon a day, back to back?

(11.15) Where does your pragmatic mindset come from? The idea of just get up and make it happen?

(14.50) Richard and I talk about his “If, Then” plans.

(19.05) How being absent minded can affect your ability to see the smallest things.

(21.00) How do you manage being in tremendous pain, and continue to push forward?

(25.00) What did you do when your life was in danger? How did you overcome it?

(31.35) If you could put a percentage on mind game versus the physical side of your running, what would the percentage of mind game play?

(33.05) What is the difference between being passionate and being purposeful.

(35.25) What is your next big goal?

(39.30) Richard answers the “Rocking Chair Test”

(42.40) What are the things you’re most grateful for right now?

Challenge for the week: take some time each morning to think about the possible challenges that lie ahead.

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