Episode 18

Ep. 18 - Discovering The Positive Power Of Change


January 15th, 2018

24 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change” (Leon Megginson). When change occurs, you can allow it to be an opportunity for growth and self-betterment, even when it first appears daunting and unwanted. During this episode, Dave speaks with Dr John Barletta as they share tips and strategies for turning change into a positive challenge.

Here are the some of the main topics and their time markers:

3:39 - The heart and soul of change is that as humans we are made for equilibrium - the status quo.

4:57 - Different personality styles approach change differently. Some people become very anxious with change whereas others are very open.

6:15 - We can be ok with one type of change, but not with another. For example, we can be excited about new places to travel but we might be anxious about changing doctors or hairdressers.

8:30 - How to be prepared and allow a change to be a positive challenge instead of a stress.

10:20 - Rewiring your brain to deal with change even better.

11:19 - Forewarned equals forearmed.

12:58 - Opportunities for change creates opportunities for continual growth and self-betterment.

14:05 - Controlling whether or not you follow your thoughts and interrupting the negative thoughts.

15:41 - The most unhelpful things you can say to friends and family who are struggling with change.

16:51 - How to support others through stressful change.
- Listen
- Validate, don’t judge
- Empathise
- Remind them that they have been through similar situations and have succeeded before,d and have support
- Gently challenge them to move forward just beyond where they are now

19:54 - The challenge for the week: Create a daily reminder in your phone that says, “Do one thing differently today”.

Dr John Barletta is a Counselling and Clinical Psychologist in Brisbane who promotes healthy living via integrated positive psychology principles. His expertise includes therapy, workshops, keynotes, medico-legal and psychological assessments, corporate consulting, executive coaching, mediation, and clinical supervision.

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